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Q A What is the local currency?

The official local currency is HRK (Croatian kuna). 1 EUR=7.5HRK

Q A Which is the most popular tour from Split?

The Blue Cave & 5 Islands tour and Blue Lagoon tour are the most popular tours to do from Split.

Q A Why is the Blue Cave blue?

The cave is famous for the mesmerising blue light filling the space at a certain time of day, when the sunlight hits the sea surface through an opening on the vault. The light reflects off the water and the white seabed, wrapping the whole interior in a layer of iridescent blue.

Q A Can you swim in the Blue Cave?

Swimming is generally not permitted in this blue cave.

Q A Are the Blue Cave and Blue Lagoon the same?

No, the Blue Cave is a cave in which you enter with a small boat, and the Blue Lagoon is a cristal clear bay for swimming and snorkeling.

Q A Is the Blue Lagoon included in the Blue Cave tour?

Yes, it is. We have two different Blue Lagoons, one of them is closer to Split and the other is on Budikovac island next to Vis and it the Blue Cave tour that is the one you get to see. The Lagoons look very similar that's why they are both nicknamed like that.

Q A How far is the Blue Lagoon from Split?

The Blue Lagoon is 30min away from Split with a speedboat. It is located on Drvenik island.

Q A What if I want to be alone with my group in the speedboat?

We can arrange that for you. That is a private tour in which you rent the boat out for the day, you can choose all the locations where would you like to go and you can stay as long as you want on them.

Q A Can I drive the boat on a private tour?

Yes, you can. You can rent a boat for the day but for that you have to have a validate boat license.

Q A What is your cancellation policy?

Due to COVID19 you can book your tours and cancel them without any fees up to 24 hours. In cancelation for bad weather conditions we offer you a full refund or excange of the date for the tour.

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