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HAJDUK – Split´s football club

As soon as a baby is born in Split, they immediately become a fan of Hajduk Split. It is in our blood. All over the city you can see the graffiti with Hajduk and Torcida slogans. And not only in Split, but all over Dalmatia, some other parts of Croatia and Bosnia.

The stadium Poljud was built in 1979 to host the 1979 Mediterranean Games. The stadium hosts the famous Ultra Europe festival every year in July. Before Poljud, Hajduk's stadium was in the center, above the Croatian National Theatre in Split, that then became the rugby stadium.

Hajduk was founded in 1911 in a pub Prag, Czech Republic, by a few students from Split. The name 'hajduk' means rebel. You have to check the celebration of the 100th birthday of the club in Split. The whole town went crazy!

Torcida is the name of the organized supporters of Hajduk. It is the oldest organization of football supporters, founded in 1950. Torcida is well known by football lovers worldwide.

Hajduk is one of two best clubs in Croatia. On the European level, the best accomplishments were in the Champions league in 1994/95 (1/4 final) 1975/76 (1/4 final), 1979/80 (1/4 final); In the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup in 1972/73 (1/2 final) and in the UEFA Cup in 1983/84 (1/2 final).

If you are a football lover, you should go on a Hajduk match during your holiday in Split to witness the singing, the shooting of firecrackers and the burning of torches that demonstrates the rebel spirit of the supposters! Whoever goes on a Hajduk match, becomes a fan!

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