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The Riva in Split – the main promanade

For us locals, the 'Riva' is like our living room. On Saturdays and Sundays we like to take a walk on the Riva, all year long, because it is placed on the southern side of the city, sheltered from winds and on a sunny day it is a great pleasure to sit in a bar under the sun, even in January! The location is perfect, that is why the Roman emperor Diocletian decided to build his palace right here. He also found useful the sulfur springs that you can smell on the Riva because he suffered from rheumatism and sulfur helped his disease.



When you return home from your holiday spent in Split, Riva is the image you will associate with Split and your vacation here. The beautiful sea with the islands in the back does the magic, alongside with the Roman and medieval cultural monuments you can enjoy while walking through it. When you look at Diocletian's palace from the Riva you can see people hang their clothes to dry on the 1700 years old wall!

Public gatherings are held on the Riva: New Year's eve, the Carneval, the feast of Saint Domnius - the protector of Split (held every year on May 7th), but the biggest ones were the celebrations of sports accomplishments when local Goran Ivanišević won Wimbledon in 2001 and when Croatia won the second place in the World Football Championship in 2018.

In the past, the Riva was a place for rich people to show off their clothes, and for the poor to get worm. Modern day Riva has palms, benches and lights which make it a nice and comfortable place to hang out. There are numerous bars, restaurans where locals and tourists can enjoy their meals or coffee breaks in Split. It is also a popular place to spend the evenings, but you need to know that all bars on the Riva close around 12:00 PM. 

You can book excursions on numerous stands on the Riva, make sure you come to our Blue Travel stand!!! 

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